UV4.0 UV Varnish

To cope with the world trend of environmental protection, UV coating from the early high-priced UV1.0 to mass production of oil-based UV2.0, until reduced cost of soybean oil-based UV3.0, energy saving, cost-effective UV4. 0 products will be the future mainstream.


In addition to papermaking, UV coating of printing products is the most energy-consuming polishing process in the manufacturing process. The cost of electricity accounts for almost 10%, which makes the printed product's carbon footprint pulled up. And a large number of power relatively generate more heat and air pollution. It makes a malodor and heat working environment. The health of the operators is worth considering.


UV4.0 will reduce the UV drying energy 30-50%, directly reduce the number of UV tubes and power, thereby saving the cost of electricity and UV lamp consumption. Making the workplace is no longer high temperature, reducing the ozone O3 emissions, reduce the workplace odor. Furthermore the carbon emissions of printing products is reduced and enhance the image of corporate.


After five years research, development and product market practical experience, UV4.0 full range of products are launched.