The Paris Agreement, a global climate deal reached by nearly 200 countries and regions, came into effect on April 4. The new agreement for 2020 after the global cooperation to address climate change in the direction and objectives, a milestone.

    In accordance with this agreement, to the pre-industrial revolution as a benchmark to promote countries beyond the short-term interests, to find a win-win situation in the world, after 2020, climate governance has finally can be based on the outline, so its effectiveness has also released a strong signal, many experts call November 4 a "historic day."

   The entry into force of the Paris Agreement also presents significant business opportunities for the green industry. Although specific implementation details of specific carbon reduction program of action yet to be negotiated, but the country's industrial restructuring has a guiding and guiding significance. It has strict rules also have positive encouragement, which means there will be new business opportunities in the future, but also means that some industries will gradually be eliminated.

    The company's S-100 UV coating, after three years of research, development and the actual use in Taiwan, successfully introduce the operating elements of energy-saving carbon reduction, making printing paper UV varnishing energy 30-50% greatly reduced, in line with the future printing paper UV coating towards the world trend of green industry development.

    S-100 UV Varnish, the low-temperature characteristics of Light energy polymerization and less numbers of UV lamps, making the past most of the UV glazing polishing quality, because UV polymerization drying incomplete factors disappear, will significantly reduce the after-service and more importantly, significantly reduce the operation irritating of the traditional UV coating, and UV glazing dry surface after the polishing and non-yellowing characteristics of the touch, a substantial increase in UV coating quality. it is the best of product options