New Product launched!! Plastic Floor UV Curing Varnish


The characteristics of M-203 Plastic Floor UV curing Varnish:

1.Easy coating, low toxicity, low residual, good stability, outstanding matt degree and good leveling. 

2.Good characteristics for dirt-resident, mar-resident and wear residence. It can be applied on the surface of PVC, TPU floor      and door plate.

3.The performance of iodine residence is increased visibly. (Test methods: drop ordinary iodine on the coating surface, wipe     the surface with a dry cloth after 5 minutes and check the imprint).

4.Using a small effort could wipe maker stains.


The characteristic of MS-205 Plastic Floor UV curing Varnish:

1.Rough surface, stony hardness effects and excellent matt quality.

2.Good viscosity, good leveling and suitable for many kinds of coating methods.



It is mainly used on the surface of the substrate such as PVC, TPU and many kinds of plastic flooring products.

Technical reference: Roller coating

1.It can be applied 1-2 times on PVC floor directly with coating thickness about 15-22g/㎡by UV curing power 300-500mj/c㎡.

2.Coating weight is depending on the requirement and according to PVC, TPU and other plastic materials.