M.create International Co., Ltd., specialized in various Paper Coating, UV Varnish, OPP Glue, Water-based Varnish for graphic printing matter. We are a professional paper coating supplier, which own 40 years plant with over 15 years experiences manufacturing varnish raw material and sales. Integrate the experiences of varnishing and sales, ensuring that we provide our customers with top quality, innovative products and reasonable prices.

Company Characteristic

  1. Integrate manufacturing and selling. Provide reasonable price.
  2. Excellent R&D and experiences. Provide ODM and Customized service.
  3. Abundant varnishing technology and international marketing experience.
    Willing to share and exchange the information with our customers.
  4. 100% made in Taiwan. Top quality.
  5. Provide SOP and solve your problems.
  6. “Top quality” and “reasonable price” are our goals.